Decisive Team

fast group decision-making

Ask a question. Gather options. Make a decision.

What It Is

Decisive Team is open-source software that enables teams to make group decisions fast.

How It Works

Decisive Team is based on a 3 step decision-making protocol:

1. Ask a question.

Every decision starts with a question. What is our current priority? Who will lead this project? When will we launch?
Decisive Team empowers team members to initiate group decisions simply by asking a clear question.

2. Gather options.

Your decisions can only be as good as your best options. Brainstorming possibilities is a collaborative process.
Decisive Team raises the collective intelligence of the group as a whole by giving everyone the power to propose possible solutions.

3. Make a decision.

Arriving at consensus can be difficult without a clear process. Too much back-and-forth communication slows things down, but not enough communication can lead to sub-optimal decisions.
Decisive Team solves this problem with approval voting. Through approval voting, teams triangulate on optimal decisions fast.
Read more about why approval voting is the optimal method for group decision-making.

Why It's Fast

Making decisions means making tradeoffs. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Discussing tradeoffs as a group takes time because discussion is a sequential process. But voting is fast because voting is a parallel process. Everyone can participate simultaneously.
And approval voting is especially good at capturing not only each individual's preferences, but also their willingness to make tradeoffs. Thus approval voting yields high quality decisions without lengthy discussion.
group discussion : CPU :: approval voting : GPU

Automation + Human Judgment

As AI becomes increasingly powerful, it is more important than ever to find new ways of integrating human judgment into automated systems. The Decisive Team API allows human decision-making to be seamlessly interwoven with automated processes, enabling powerful hybrid systems.